It is official!


St Kalpana – Arts Reimagined is receiving funding from the city of the Hague for 2017&2018!

We are officially part of the cultural institutions that the city supports!

The first Indian contemporary dance company to receive this ever in the Netherlands! Or to be recognised by the 'mainstream' this way..


Between last September and now, Kalpana has made some huge choices and changes


After a very fruitful period of collaborating it was time for her to leave Korzo theater and create her own company.

She started working with Gysele ter Berg who is a talented, experienced and extremely dynamic business manager. She set up her dance company with a board of versatile men ;-)

Andrew van der Esh is the president. Roy de Hair the secretary and Fulco van ‘t Hag the treasurer.

Together with Gysele she went out and met potential partners and designed a 4 year plan that is artistically challenging and innovative as well as socially relevant.


The news just came out that funding is being offered to St Kalpana

It is a moment to rejoice for all the hard work and for the pioneering spirit of Kalpana

It is also a moment to look ahead at very exciting projects and … work it!


In the coming weeks a new website is being created which will be launched by the end of August

This website will be in Dutch & English with information about the vision of the company, the performances that are coming up and much more!