• Behind the Scenes with Kalpanarts

    Filmmaker Bowie Verschuuren followed Kalpana and her team during the preparations for her performance SIMEON (2018) and Superhuman: Our Inner Darkness (2019). Kalpana uniquely combines her Indian roots with modern dance. How does she create a symbiosis between these two worlds that differ so much from each other? How does she know how to bind both the Dutch and the Indian public? A look behind the scenes with a passionate choreographer who develops her own dance language. View the full documentary via THIS link.

  • Rehearsals of Superhuman have started!

    From September 3 we are rehearsing for the new performance Superhuman: our inner darkness. In exactly two months, this dance performance will premiere at the Korzo Theater in The Hague during the India Dance Festival. During these two rehearsal months, Kalpana will explore with six dancers and a singer the indefinable gray area where the superhero gives us hope, but where the inner darkness also has a place. Together they reveal the dark sides of the superhero, to reveal the complexity of man and the humanity of the superhero. Follow the rehearsals via our social media channels and stay informed about Superhuan: our inner darkness.