• India Dance Festival |online edition |

    23rd May | 8.00 PM

    Kalpana was once a co-initiator of the India Dance Festival. In 2020 Kalpanarts would have set up a project with the dance schools of Colors of India. Now that that can't go through, we're going back to one of Kalpana's first projects in 2011: Through the Eyes of My City. In this performance Kalpana created a unique collaboration with Hindustani dancers. In 2011 she created this performance together with 20 dancers with a background in various classical Hindu dance styles. The dances were stripped of their traditional structures, stories and music to develop a new dance form based on its strength and essence. On the basis of questions about identity and group formation in society, the dancers respond to their personal relationship with the city. After almost 9 years, we invite you to have a look through the eyes of their city.
    Want to know more: Here is a link to a short documentary about this project.

  • On our way to Hitting True North

    rehearsels have started for the new Kalpanart work!

    Four dancers from different corners of the world set off on an inner journey to find their true north. In order to connect with their inner compass, the beaten track has to be defied. During this ritualistic voyage they find a guide and saboteur in themselves and in the powerful live music of Oene van Geel and Oleg Fateev. In this dance and music performance, choreographer and anthro- pologist Kalpana Raghuraman examines
    how people deal with external influences. Kalpanarts is the first and only dance com- pany in the Netherlands that creates con- temporary performances inspired by Indian sources. She does not shy away from urban and contemporary dance influences but uses them to create a new dance language with a universal character and appeal.


    Find the tourdates here...

  • Behind the Scenes with Kalpanarts

    Filmmaker Bowie Verschuuren followed Kalpana and her team during the preparations for her performance SIMEON (2018) and Superhuman: Our Inner Darkness (2019). Kalpana uniquely combines her Indian roots with modern dance. How does she create a symbiosis between these two worlds that differ so much from each other? How does she know how to bind both the Dutch and the Indian public? A look behind the scenes with a passionate choreographer who develops her own dance language. View the full documentary via THIS link.