• Rehearsals of Superhuman have started!

    From September 3 we are rehearsing for the new performance Superhuman: our inner darkness. In exactly two months, this dance performance will premiere at the Korzo Theater in The Hague during the India Dance Festival. During these two rehearsal months, Kalpana will explore with six dancers and a singer the indefinable gray area where the superhero gives us hope, but where the inner darkness also has a place. Together they reveal the dark sides of the superhero, to reveal the complexity of man and the humanity of the superhero. Follow the rehearsals via our social media channels and stay informed about Superhuan: our inner darkness.

  • première SIMEON

    In the beginning of this year, the remarkable Rebels' Cross by choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman went into premiere during the Flamenco Biënnale. Also, Satyagraha was in reprise, a contemporary dance show of 2016 with an entirely new perspective on Philip Glass's opera. For the 10th anniversary of Solo's at the Sea of ​​the Dutch Don’t Dance Division ,Kalpana created two solos: ‘Nadhee’ for Felix Deepen and ‘Ursula the mysterious’ for Camilla Chiesi.
    On June 23 2017, during Festival Classique, Kalpana's newest production SIMEON premiered.
    As the only choreographer in the Netherlands, Kalpana creates performances that combine Indian Bharatanatyam dance with contemporary dance. With knowledge of the dance codes and the clichés used in both dance languages, they organically lead to her own unique style. SIMEON is the second production she produces as an independent choreographer with her company Kalpanarts. Since January 2017, she receives structural funding from the municipality of The Hague. In the season 2017-2018, SIMEON can be seen throughout the Netherlands, from Drachten to Maastricht.
    SIMEON is an Indian contemporary dance show and choreography of Kalpana, performed live by the Matangi Quartet on music by the well-known Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt. A double-bill based on Ten Holt's famous work, Canto Ostinato and Lemniscaat, in which Kalpana focuses on 'the individual' and 'the group' and the pressure of daily life. Musicians and dancers work together and create a new perspective on the dance and work of Ten Holt.
    SIMEON is a production of Kalpanarts in collaboration with the Matangi Quartet, in co-production with Festival Classique and Korzo productions, and is financed by the municipality of The Hague, the Performing Arts Fund, Fund 21 and the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund.
    "The longer you listen to the music of Simeon ten Holt, the more you hear. The minimalist music creates a universe of different layers and details. This also applies to the dance: the more you allow the movements and emotions to reveal themselves to you, the more you experience.
    This can be extended to everyday life -  the more consciously you look at your own life, the more you see and the easier you can move towards change. Awareness is the key, like a kaleidoscope that reveals itself. " Kalpana Raghuraman
  • Win Jet Airways vliegtickets

    We are proud to announce that Kalpanarts found a sponsor partner in Jet Airways: the international airline from India, based in Mumbai. Kalpanarts and Jet Airways have the same vision of cooperation: we bring people from different backgrounds together(not just Indian), and aim to create a win-win situation for everyone.
    Jet Airways is offering two tickets for visitors of SIMEON! At the end of the tour, the winners will be announced. So in addition to attending a very special perofrmance, you will also be able to make a trip to India for yourself and someone else, so buy your ticket soon!
    It is unique that a large international airfare company like Jet Airways cooperates with the art field. We therefore thank Jet Airways for this special cooperation.