• Kalpana Raghuraman

    artistic director & choreographer

    Kalpana Raghuraman is a dancer, choreographer and anthropologist. Born and raised in the Netherlands with Indian roots, she is a great connoisseur of the traditions, culture and sociology of Indian dance. Kalpana has managed to distinguish herself in the rich Dutch dance field by developing her own dance style, which is inspired by elements of Indian dance. With integrity and with a lot of knowledge she dares to undo this classical dance from of its conventions and she has found her way to place it in a contemporary context. In this way she allows this form to have significance for a young and future generation. Kalpana has been artist in residence at the Korzo Theater and is now independent choreographer with her own foundation Kalpanarts to give her work more impact and relevance. She was also co-initiator and crowd puller of the India Dance Festival. Besides her activities in the Netherlands, she is regularly invited to create performances abroad.
    Stichting Kalpanarts creates work with social value and for a diverse audience. Kalpana is the only one choreographer in the Netherlands who brings contemporary Indian dance to the mainstream stages in the Netherlands.
    Kalpana Raghuraman has an independent, inquisitive and curious mind. She is a citizen of the world who builds bridges, connects, engages and creates possibilities to use art to look at social themes. Ingrained rules are stirred and shaken up. In dance Kalpana has found her way to contribute content to the discourse about the world we live in, and to create change. Kalpana works with multiple dance traditions to shape her artistic and social ambitions and desires. She was trained by her mother in the Indian classical dance form Bharatanatyam and from an early age it was her target to get Indian dance into the mainstream in the Netherlands and beyond.  
    ‘Kalpana shows an innovative choreography which is infused with a touch of humour.’
    – Pulse Magazine
    ‘With her knowledge of modern dance choreography, Raghuraman has placed Bharatanatyam in the Netherlands at a higher level.’
    – Pulse Magazine
    ‘It works like a charm. The graceful, slow arm movements of three dancers follow the pulse of the music, the feet indicate the rhythm. (...) Praise for her courage! Kandam Ostinato is a classic in the making.’
    – Theaterkrant about Kandam Ostinato (2014)
  • Gysèle ter Berg

    managing director & bookings

    Gysèle is an experienced managing director, creative producer, and fundraiser in the cultural field and entertainment industry, specialized in selling (dance) performances. As a passionate and dedicated cultural entrepreneur at heart, she has successfully managed a wide range of projects, both in terms of finance and organisation. In addition, Gysèle mentors and coaches (young) choreographers wishing, after a fruitful period working within a production house, to spread their wings as independent choreographers.
    In practice, Gysèle is distinguished by the fact she is able to share ownership of the artistic product with the maker, right from the start of the creative process. She is able to formulate strategies and plans and mediate between the maker, the audience and partners to give the work the place in the market it deserves. As a creative entrepreneur, she is completely embedded in the creative process through her knowledge of theatre, dance and the cultural arena and she is able to enter into dialogue with the makers/artists with whom she works. She is able to fulfil the pivotal role alongside the artistic director, to carry out the financial management and develop policy without losing sight of the organisation’s identity.
    Gysèle studied Theatre Studies at Utrecht University (specialising in Theatre Studies and Arts Policy & Management), then followed the preliminary course at Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts and the acting course at ‘Theaterhuis De Trap’ in Amsterdam. By now she has more than 12 years of professional experience and leading dance companies and has made her mark as a successful cultural manager.
    Besides working for kalpana she is currently working as business manager with and for choreographer Alida Dors | BackBone, choreographer Nanine Linning, choreographer Liat Waysbort | Bitter Sweet Dance, director Silvia Andringa | De Jonge Republiek, for the Dutch Dance Festival and as a manager for the spectacular international performance concept Happy Hour Chandelier. She has previously worked for composer Louis Andriessen, scenographer Theun Mosk, choreographer Gaia Gonnelli | Dadodans, choreographer Dorottya Kiss | the KISS moves, choreographer André Gingras | Dance Works Rotterdam, choreographer Joost Vrouenraets | Gotra, ZIP Zaken in Podiumkunsten and many others. 
  • Susanne Tuny

    production & tourmanagement

    Susanne Tuny, owner of SQ Productions, has been working as a production manager and in management support within the professional dance world since 2012. Having spent a few years combining her full-time Sales & Marketing position with (mostly) teaching street dance/hip-hop and leading competition crews, Susanne decided to focus more on the organisation of dance events. Her talent for organisation within the commercial and amateur dance circuits finally brought her to theatre dance – a destination as logical as it was welcoming. 
    She gained experience with fusion dance company de KISS moves, dance collective Dutch Soul Supply, Shay Latukolan, Cagdas Gülüm, Julia Mitomi, BackBone| Alida Dors, Dadodans | Gaia Gonnelli and Bitter Sweet Dnace | Liat Waysbort.
    Susanne will be working as production manager on the new production. Susanne’s qualities lie in organisation, coordination, planning and maintaining a good overview without losing sight of the details. Susanne is open, transparent, has a flexible attitude and always strives to achieve balance and harmony.
  • Anke Ries