Hitting True North

The world is constantly changing. It is becoming more and more dynamic, speedy and complex. In Hitting True North, four dancers, a violinist (Oene van Geel) and an accordionist (Oleg Fateev) look for their own inner compass to make it easier to deal with changing situations, cultures, and contexts.

Whether you are a refugee who has to find a place in a totally new culture; an expat who is constantly changing countries and constantly has to make new friendships and commitments; or your life is influenced by a disease of a loved one: these situations force people to find a way to their own inner strength.



  • Korzo theater, Try Out Den Haag

  • Korzo theater, Try Out Den Haag , NL

  • Korzo theater, Première Den Haag , NL

  • CC Amstel Amsterdam , NL