Hitting True North

4 dancers from all over the globe are in search of finding their true north.
To be able to connect with their personal compass, the beaten track and delusions of the day need to be defied during their inner journey to the core. In the rituals and the powerful live-music of Oene van Geel and Oleg Fateev they find a navigator but also a saboteur. In this latest piece by choreogra- pher and anthropologist Kalpana Raghu- raman, she examines how people relate to constant changes. In her performances, Indian dance language is combined with contemporary dance and live music is a fixed part of the whole.

‘Feet roll rhythmically, but just a little tougher and wider-legged than the classical Indian dance tradition dictates. Their fingers and wrists curl, threatening and graceful. Their torsos, too, are not sculpted in straight postures, as is usual in the Kathak and Bharatanatyam, but vibrate, wave, shake and even make a pike dive and handstand.’

– Trouw


concept & choreografie Kalpana Raghuraman

Business director & artistic associate Gysèle ter Berg

dance Indu Panday, Gino Taytelbaum, Lars de Vos, Goda Zukauskaité 

live-music & composition Oene Van Geel & Oleg Fateev

light & set Jeffrey Steenbergen technical production Disappearow
costume designer Aziz Bekkaoui
dramaturgy Marc Maris
production manager Susanne Tuny
press & PR Anke Riesenkamp
graphic design Serena Kloet
illustrator Anouk Martijn
photography & video Bowie Verschuuren

artistic advice Serge Aimé Coulibaly

sales Gysèle Business & Arts

many thanks to

Stef Avezaat
Bilal Bachir
Beppie Blankert
Andrew van Esch
Roy de Hair
Marjet van Os
Erik Pals
Daniël van Veen
Rob van den Broek

Hitting True North is een productie van Kalpanarts in samenwerking met Korzo Theater en

CC Amstel en wordt financieel ondersteund door Gemeente Den Haag, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds Podiumkunsten en Fonds 21.