In 1980 the city of Rotterdam gave the world-renowned composer Philip Glass the commission to create the opera Satyagraha. The work has only been performed sporadically since then. Accompanied by Indian and modern dance, this contemporary version offers an entirely new perspective on the opera.
Satyagraha is a large-scale music project based on the life of Indian hero Mahatma Gandhi and is part of a trilogy made by Philip Glass about men who have changed the world.
The concept of nonviolent resistance lies at heart of Act 2, which is choreographed by Kalpana. What is the answer to the violence that surrounds us? What if not physical violence but transparency and vulnerability is a greater force than we think? In this choreography, Kalpana combines the Indian dance forms Bharatanatyam and Kathak with modern dance and ballet. Satyagraha is an intriguing experience and is performed by 5 dancers, the choirs of Dario Fo, Zangam and a string quartet.
Act 1 and Act 2 of Satyagraha are specifically reworked for CaDance in an inspiring happening of dance, singing and music. And Act 3 will be added to this to make the Triology complete. The entire Opera will be performed during the India Dans Festival in October 2017.
‘I like Philip Glass's music and it touches my love for music. It is a challenge to put such a large choir, conductor and soloists in a choreography and bring them together with the dancers. I did not do that before, but I like the challenge. The power of non-violent resistance and the role of femininity in this is very interesting. Finding a different answer to violence makes this a present-day theme.’ – Kalpana Raghuraman


Composition Philip Glass
Choreography Kalpana Raghuraman
Dance Usha Kanagasabai, Anuradha Pancham, Indu Panday, Rutkay Opzinar, Chethna Hari
Director of Zangam choir Samhita Mundkur 
Director of Dario Fo choir Rick Schoonbeek 
Musicians changing composition headed by Ruben Margartia
Assistant to musical director of Dario Fo choir Boudewijn Ruigrok 
Dramaturgy Leo Spreksel
Lightdesign Peter Lemmens


‘The Indian side of  Philip Glass.’ 
‘Overwhelmed. That is how I feel after Satyagraha.’ 
Indiase klassieke dans
‘The temperamental music is impressive -  with the singing of soloists as the most emotionally expressive contribution to the whole. In choreography, which focuses on the power of women, you recognize all kinds of movements from Indian dance forms. Isolated and used repetitively they create a  beautiful and different effect.’
★★★ de Volkskrant


Satyagraha is a Korzo production in collaboration with Kwekers in de Kunst