Solo’s at the Sea

Every year, the Dutch Don’t Dance Division organizes a solo festival at the beach of Scheveningen at restaurant de Fuut. For their 10th anniversary, Kalpana Raghuraman has been invited for this extraordinary festival. Kalpana created two solos, namely: Nadhee and Ursula the mysterious.
Nadhee meaning ‘sea’ in Hindi, is about infinity of the sea and how small actually are in contrast to nature and sea. Nadhee is a meditative solo where a dancer allows himself to be taken over by the heartbeat of the sea. This solo is made to be performed on-site at the beach.
Music Simone Giacomini
Dance Felix Deepen
‘Ursula the mysterious’ is a dynamic solo where a dancer shows us different faces of a female sea creature who seduces with softness and sheerness.
Music Talvin Singh
Dance Camilla Chiesi