Dance on mute

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’
— Nikola Tesla


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Dance On Mute

Kalpanarts has set itself the goal of structurally making its performances more and more accessible to interested parties within the group of deaf and hard of hearing people. Technology is used to be able to experience music through other senses than hearing. Where we see that music interpreters and theater interpreters are increasing in popularity, we see that the large group of deaf and hard of hearing people are hardly served in the dance field.

The performance of True Life is part of Kalpanarts’ initiative to provide better accessibility to audiences from deaf and hard of hearing communities, who are interested in performance art.

Five of the theaters for this show will implement techniques that allow sound to be experienced through other senses: 

Theater en filmhuis Dakota - Den Haag, CC Amstel - Amsterdam, Theater Rotterdam, De Oosterpoort - Groningen en Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. 

Creating physical vibrations in combination with energetic footwork from Indian classical dance is characteristic for Kalpanarts dancers. Sounds and sound waves will be made perceptible to all spectators through sub-woofers. The company also uses special belts called Woojers which transform sound waves into tangible vibrations.

After the show there will be a short discussion with the choreographer. A sign language interpreter will be present. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, please register via so that we can reserve a Woojer for you.