Dance on mute

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’
— Nikola Tesla


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Dance company Kalpanarts has set itself the goal of structurally making its performances more and more accessible to people with a hearing impairment.

Technology is used to experience music through senses other than hearing.

Where we see that music interpreters and theatre interpreters are increasing in popularity, we see that the large group of people with a hearing impairment is barely served in the dance field.

The performance In Two Minds is the pilot of this perennial project. This performance will take place throughout the country from the summer of 2021.

The use of physical vibrations in combination with energetic footwork from Indian Classical dance, are characteristic of the movement idiom of dance company Kalpanarts. In the performance it will be a guiding element in the development of choreography and music composition and technique. Sounds and sound frequencies will be made visual and tangible for all spectators.

A sign language interpreter will be present in the theatres during the post-performance talks.

Inspiration and advisory board; something for you?
We are still looking for a number of people who would like to think along with us on how to design Dance on Mute.
In 2021 we will meet a number of times in the theatre or dance studio to brainstorm and to test the technique.

online marketeer
We are looking for an online marketer who loves dance and who knows his way around the deaf and hard of hearing community (online).
If you have time to help build this project for a few days (for a fee) so that we reach everyone who is in for Dance on Mute, write us a short message.


Link to the trailer of the current performance: click here