Movements and phrases based on the Indian dance of Kalpanarts

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Kalpanarts has created a unique concept and series of online workshops. Through live Zoom or Jitsi sessions, a dancer from Kalpanarts will virtually enter the home offices, bringing relaxation and energy through a short session of dance movements.

"It was amazing! A moment for yourself, but also a way to bond with your team. I really enjoyed learning simple hand movements, following along easily, and the exercises were effective. The personal guidance was great." - Thierry Sequeira, CEO of Massive Rocket

Tailor-made workshops: a gift for yourself or your company

  • The purpose of this "energizer" is to bring more energy and relaxation to the rest of your day and teach you how to continue applying a sequence of exercises on your own (reducing the risk of RSI).
  • The exercises and movements are delivered in sessions lasting 10-30 minutes, suitable for both sitting and standing positions.
  • The sessions can be offered as a one-time experience or in a series.
  • Suitable for groups of 1 to 50 people.
  • Language options: Dutch, English, or French.
  • Price: determined by the duration of the workshop and the number of participants.

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"It was very nice and fun. We should have done this earlier!" - Participant of the workshop

"The workshop was incredibly enjoyable, and the team loved it! Goda was fantastic, getting everyone moving and helping us forget about the lockdown. The lessons she taught us were directly applicable to our daily work, and everyone on the team thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you again for everything!" - Participant