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Dancer in your room | Intermezzo

Kalpanarts has developed a concept and series of online-workshops.
A dancer from Kalpanarts will fly into the home offices live via Zoom of Jitsi to bring relaxation and energy in a short session of  (dance) movements.

‘Loved it! A real moment for yourself, but also a kind of bonding with your team.
Very nice to learn some simple hand movements, easy to follow, effective exercises,
nice personal guidance.’

— Participant of the workshop


Taylor-made workshops, a gift for yourself or your company
– The purpose of this 'energizer' is to be able to enter the rest of the day more energetic and relaxed and to learn how to continue to apply a sequence of exercises yourself (and thus reduce the risk of RSI).
– The exercises and movements are given in sessions of 10-30 minutes and can be performed both sitting and standing.
– The sessions can be offered once or in a series.
– from 1 to 50 people.
– Language: Dutch, English or French
– Price: depending on the duration of the workshop and the number of people attending.

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‘Very nice and fun. If only we had done this before!’
– Participant of the workshop