Denden Karadeniz

After obtaining his Dance diploma, Denden (known from SYTYCD) worked together with Isabelle Beernaert, Backbone & ISH Dance Collective. He also continued his training in Los Angeles and at Australian Dance Theater. As a performing dancer he also dances for major brands such as Nike & Yves Saint Laurent.

Denden has presented himself with his own style, a fusion of contemporary dance and breakdance, in television programs such as ‘The Ultimate Dance Battle’, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Time to Dance’ where he reached the finals every time. He is currently continuing this style in a group under the name ‘Ground Zero’ where he guides professional dancers in a pure form of dance fusion.

Kalpana will develop the solo Saskshi for him in 2020.


image about Denden Karadeniz