Mark Haanstra

Mark Haanstra is a versatile bass player based in the Netherlands. He studied bass at the Conservatory of Amsterdam where he graduated cum laude in 1997.

His recognizable sound, groove and flexibility make him a much sought after musician by artists, ensembles and orchestras in many genres.

Mark won several prizes, including the Dutch Jazz Competition with the Nemesis Quartet (1994), Geel (1998) and Agog (2002). He has played with several major ensembles and orchestras such as the Concertgebouw Orkest, Nieuw Ensemble and Asko Schoenberg. Besides this he is a soloist in Steve Mackay’s Grammy Award-winning work Dreamhouse, which has been performed and recorded by several renowned orchestras such as the BBC and New York Philharmonic.

Mark has an affinity with Indian music due to his study of South Indian music and composition with Rafael Reina at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and later on worked with Indian musicians in South India.

Mark is composing music and performing with dancer Indu Panday in the piece called Tara.

image about Mark Haanstra